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ChiBoys Flask

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Our all matte black ChiBoys Flask are an instant hit!

Not only will you be the coolest person in the party or where ever you decide to sneak this gorgeous flask. You will be saving money. ;)

The flask is matte black with the world-renowned ChiBoys logo on the front. It also comes with a thingy that allows you to pour your favorite liquor in it without spilling it. Sorry we don't know the name of the thingy. Don't judge us. We just know it's cool.  

  • Set it up at your home bar.
  • Give one to someone as a gift.
  • Show off and bring your ChiBoys flask to the bar and save millions of dollars
  • Oh, and make sure it's not a bar where they search  you. 

Lastly, here's a hint. If you go to a place where they have to search you, you probably shouldn't be there. Food for thought. Enjoy!