We Are One Star Bucket (LL Cool Red)

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Inspired by the Chicago flag, this design is meant to symbolize unity within the city. It is no secret that one of Chicago’s greatest flaws can be segregation. This segregation, along with a huge discrepancy in wealth, religious views, societal unrest, and the occasional corrupt politics makes it so important for the city to begin to embrace similarities as opposed to differences. We are all Chicagoans hoping to make this great city even better. The one Chicago star signifies that "We Are One" Chicago. Bucket

Adult Sizes:

S/M (7 ⅛-7⅜)

M/L (7⅜-7⅝)

L/XL (7⅝-7⅞)

Side note: The We Are One Star logo is featured                             on the new NBA 2K20 video game.