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Hampton Hoodie (White)

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This 'Hampton' design was past due. Fred Hampton was an American Activist from Chicago. He was a revolutionary socialist and also the chairman of the Black Panther Party. Before judgment is passed on that organization we suggest you do some research and see that he fought for injustice for "the people." Not just one group of people. He organized rallies, established a Free Breakfast program and negotiated a peace pact amongst rival gangs.

Fred Hampton was assassinated by the Chicago Police on December 4, 1969.

The front of each hoodie has a silhouette of Hampton, a red Chicago star on his hat and an inscription of two of his famous quotes on the inner sleeve or forearm of the hoodie.

"You can jail a revolutionary, but you can't jail a revolution."

"You can murder a liberator, but you can't murder liberation."

-The People Liberator, Fred Hampton