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ChiBoys Embroidered Shield Hoodie (Army)

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Almost 10 years later this is the new and improved 2019 ChiBoys Shield! Same idea different placement with over 60,000 stitches. Yes 60,000! 

When looking at the shield starting  clockwise:

  • Chicago skyline
  • Long winded politician (the real reason we're called the Windy City)
  • Chicago March 4, 1837 (this is when Chicago was established as a city)
  • Lion for protection from the Art Institute
  • Prestigious Chicago flag crest

Fun fact...

In 2010 we dropped our 1st hoodie. It was the 1st thing we had ever dropped other than a t-shirt at the time. It was scary because we didn't know how people would take it. New item. New look. New ChiBoys shield. The release was done on Twitter right before Thanksgiving with a picture of the hoodie and the caption "ChiBoys hoodies are here!" We sold out in less than 48hrs. It's safe to say people loved them. Fast forward to today. We've been asked weekly when we're bring that shield hoodie back. We don't like to bring anything back out at all, but if we do we feel like it should evolve. Because evolution is part of life people.


Very Limited Edition 

Back Order. Ship date 6/14/2019

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