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Chicago Fire Tank (Black)

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When This shirt was created it was created to show resilience of this great city through the Chicago Fire of 1871. After some time it took on another meaning that we just couldn't ignore.

Chicago has been leading the country in killings for years now. Local Chicagoans have taken on the name "Chiraq" to describe the city. This term wasn't originally used to glamorize the violence, but to bring attention to the fact that Chicago, the third largest city in the United States, rivals Iraq when it comes to violence. Iraq is a country at war that has a population of over 39 million, yet reports show that our city has an equal or greater number of homicides per year. It has also been reported that the streets of Iraq are actually safer than the streets of Chicago. 

A lot of thought was put into this graphic design. From the burning of the Chicago flag, to the representation of destruction and the city on fire, to the direction in which the flag is burning (the top of the flag being north), this tee aims to bring visual awareness to the city's huge problem of violence. We are completely aware that people will instinctively have mixed opinions and knee-jerk reactions to the visual of a Chicago flag being portrayed in this way, so we wanted to take the time and explain the background of this tee's creation.

"They make t-shirts we make statements."