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Bueller 1986 French Vanilla White

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How do we make a t-shirt of a true Chicago classic without doing what everyone before us has done? It wasn't easy. We created an instant classic with the Blues Brothers tee. People from all over the world seemed to love the Run DMC mixed with the Blues Brothers mashup. For the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off we decided to not focus on the characters, but on the old school Ferrari. What a beauty that car was. Not to mention how important it was to the movie. Cameron was a complete idiot for letting Ferris trick him into using the car to get Sloane, but hey, it made the movie that much more fun.

For this tee we decided to pay homage to the unspoken star of the show. When the movie debuted in 1986 if there was an award given out for 'Best vehicle presence in a movie' the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder would have taken the award no question. We were thinking NASCAR when we created this one. The old school font and the signature just like the NASAR tees and of course the big car to tie it all in. We used a light weight (4.2 oz) premium Triblend for this tee.

 Wait until you feel how soft this tee is. 

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