The Chicago Worker

Chicago has always been known as a hard working city. We wanted to come up with a fashionable way to show that. The everyday, blue collar workers make up our city. We chose to make a fashionable mechanic shirt. Not everyone will like it, or get it, and that's ok. We put a Chicago patch on the front as well as the name badge, Capone. There are so many stories that make up the history of this city, and not all of them are pretty. We chose Capone because he is a huge part of Chicago history. Capone was said to be the one responsible for the Saint Valentines Day Massacre, which was the name given to the 1929 murder in Chicago of seven men of the North Side gang, one who happened to be a mechanic. We also released this design on Valentine's Day. A fact we found out recently after this shirt was already released, was that Al Capone's jail cell number at Alcatraz was 181, and this year happens to be Chicago's 181st birthday.

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