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Lettuce Entertain You has just opened their new restaurant, Aba, in the west loop. After Ema in River North has been a success we weren't surprised they created something so similar to it. Ema means mother in Hebrew and Aba means father. You will see Israeli inspiration throughout the menu as well as Mediterranean flavors. Aba's third floor space has a stunning rooftop with a lot of greenery and gorgeous decor. Aba is located at 302 N. Green St. and is open from 4pm-12am daily. 

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We've recently discovered S.K.Y. in Pilsen and we are hooked! Chef Stephen Gillanders blew us away with his creative dishes. He wanted to open up a restaurant in LA but life took him to Chicago where he worked at Intro Chicago as the executive chef for Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises restaurant. He opened up S.K.Y. to showcase what he learned in his travels through Asia and other parts of the world. We recommend trying the cornbread madeleines, the black truffle croquettes, the hamachi sashimi and the fried chicken. Everything had a very unique taste and we can't wait to go back soon to try more. S.K.Y is located at 1239 W. 18th St. 

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