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Cafe Jumping Bean

One of our favorite coffee shops is Cafe Jumping Bean in Pilsen. It's located at 1439 W. 18th St. and open from 6am-9pm daily. Not only can you get great specialty coffees, extremely reasonably priced, they have the best sandwiches. Our favorite is the tuna melt with veggies. The vibe is always super friendly and chill. It's a vibrant place with colorful people, decor, and unique art all over the walls. Don't be surprised if you end up sitting there, sippin' a cafe con leche and just people watch. 

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Punch House

Pilsen neighborhood has been up and coming for the past few years now and one of our favorite places to go is Punch House which is located in the basement of the restaurant Dusek's. This 70's-inspired basement bar includes a huge fish tank, wood paneling, cool couches and tables that make you feel like you're really at someone's basement party. You can get a glass of house made punch or an eight drink punch bowl that you and your friends can share! And if you can, try to be there at midnight when they offer a special shot on the house for the whole bar to cheers to together. Punch House is located at 1227 W. 18th and open from...

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