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ChiBoys Shot Glasses

Our all black 1.5 oz shot glasses are an instant hit!These nontraditional shot glasses are made out of top quality opaque glass. You've probably never seen an all black shot glass before and you definitely haven't seen a Chicago shot glass that's this damn cool. One side is our trademark 'We Are One Star' design and the other side says Chicago.Set them up at your home bar.Give a few to someone as a gift.Show off and bring your own shot glass to the barOr collect all 4 to complete the Chicago flag.

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Bottle & Bottega

If you're looking for something fun and different to do on a date, with friends or coworkers check out Bottle & Bottega. It's BYOB so you can bring whatever drinks and snacks you want and learn how to paint while you drink. They provide the paint, a canvas for you to paint on and aprons so you don't get your clothes dirty. You can paint what they teach you or paint whatever you feel like. There's a Bottle & Bottega in the South Loop at 1241 S. Michigan Ave. and one in Lakeview at 2900 N. Lincoln Ave. Make sure to make a reservation ahead of time!

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