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Chicago Gun Share Program

Looks like a Divvy bike rack right? Nope it's an art installation at Daley Plaza of mock AR-15 military style rifles. This was purposely set up in one of the busiest pedestrian spots in the loop. The short term exhibit, "Chicago Gun Share Program" resembles a Divvy bike share docking station and shows visitors how easy it is for people to get their hands on weapons. Nicholas Berg created this installation and said it took four months to create and he also made sure they are "baseball bat proof" to withstand any form of protest. They stay in place to make sure children trying to play with the weapons don't get hurt. The exhibit is meant to provoke people and get...

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Cafe Jumping Bean

One of our favorite coffee shops is Cafe Jumping Bean in Pilsen. It's located at 1439 W. 18th St. and open from 6am-9pm daily. Not only can you get great specialty coffees, extremely reasonably priced, they have the best sandwiches. Our favorite is the tuna melt with veggies. The vibe is always super friendly and chill. It's a vibrant place with colorful people, decor, and unique art all over the walls. Don't be surprised if you end up sitting there, sippin' a cafe con leche and just people watch. 

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Bottle & Bottega

If you're looking for something fun and different to do on a date, with friends or coworkers check out Bottle & Bottega. It's BYOB so you can bring whatever drinks and snacks you want and learn how to paint while you drink. They provide the paint, a canvas for you to paint on and aprons so you don't get your clothes dirty. You can paint what they teach you or paint whatever you feel like. There's a Bottle & Bottega in the South Loop at 1241 S. Michigan Ave. and one in Lakeview at 2900 N. Lincoln Ave. Make sure to make a reservation ahead of time!

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