In The Kitchen Wrist Twisting Like It's Stir fry

In The Kitchen Wrist Twisting Like It's Stir fry

You're in the kitchen with ChiBoys. 

What's up people! Last night was my 1st attempt at making tofu. Yes too much of it isn't good for you but neither is drinking alcohol or eating meat. Moderation my friends. What I'm here to tell you is what they don't. You have to drain the tofu. Yup! This is one of the most important parts to making it. See, tofu is like a sponge sitting in water. Once you've taken the tofu out of the pack you'll want to do the following.

  • place the tofu on a plate
  • put a paper towel on top of it
  • apply something on the top of it that weighs at least 2lbs
  • let it drain for 30-45 minutes
  • pour the water that was drained every 15 minutes
After these things are done you can prepare the meat... tofu to your liking and you'll have a less chance of having soggy, overly wet tofu. 
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