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Why ChiBoys?


ChiBoys is a clothing line that tells Chicago's story through stylish and innovative fashions. This line was created to fill a void in representing the city through fashion while avoiding typical sports apparel. ChiBoys expresses the soul of the city by exploring its lineage, structure and its pulse. Chicago is a city with a history. This history is one of pleasure, pain, hardship, and prosperity. The roots tell a story that many Chicagoans today are proud of; this clothing line artistically tells that story through each design. Chicago is a mosaic of some of the world’s most interesting, influential and identifiable architecture. ChiBoys fuses an innovative style with recognizable lines and shapes of Chicago’s skeleton.  The beat of this city is powered by a united collaboration of difference.  Each neighborhood brags on their unique style and flavor, yet every single one is distinctly Chicago.   

ChiBoys tshirts aren’t cool
— Said no one ever.
I live in my ChiBoys hoodie
— Says 99% of people who own one.
ChiBoys is a reflection of Chicago
— Anonymous, Some dude on the street
If you live or have any affiliation with Chicago you should probably own a piece of ChiBoys apparel.
— Said an extremely smart person.

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